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Holistic organizational development

It is not only about technical and organizational improvements or changes in the system of sale. In most cases it is also about the change of customs, culture, attitudes and values in the company and its surroundings.

The dynamics of the age creates an objective need of changes with various range and aims in the companies. Therefore o lot of company owners and top managers speculate that the operation of their company and its total efficiency is not sufficient for the future challenges.

If I want to do business I have to produce. If I want to produce and do business I need resources. As I do not do it all alone I need some enterprise architecture which represents one functional process-organizational and information system which is able to assure the business, production and resources to be effectively and productively organized. Everything must have a high quality it must be ecological, safe and within the framework of law. I have to manage this all and create a strategic orientation.

What and how are we to change in the work of our company?
Is the change necessary?
Does it bring us something?
It will be about fundamental total changes or about partial innovations?
Do we have enough of professional managers who would be able to implement changes?
How much will it cost and where to get money?

Holistic organizational development aims at the integration management subsystems in one efficient and flexible managerial company system with high level of acceptation of human element.