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Change management

Change Management

The dynamics of an epoch creates an objective need for changes of various extent and orientation.

For the implementation of changes you can use a certain procedures which help you to achieve maximal increase of implementation success probability of these changes.

The implementation of changes assumes the use of two main management types:

  • change process management
  • change projects management
Change process management is based on the skills of managers to use “soft” methods in leadership. It is about the skill of manager-leader who mobilizes human potential. This approach presents the orientation on the people, visions, communication, team work, motivation.

Change projects management is based on the standard “hard” management tools of project management. It is about a systematic planning, harmonogram making, budget management, reports processing etc.


  • internal linkage of factual tasks of the project
  • optimal administration of project documentation
  • quick reaction on the changes in the implemented solutions, time plans and project costs which creates in the project progress
  • punctual accomplishment of factual tasks
  • reduction of natural dreads and aversion of employees to the changes


  • to lead and manage the change process effectively in the way it would be possible to realize “factual changes” in real time
  • to achieve a change in the employees´ thought and a whole organization structure